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Cleaning a Wool Carpet in Thorney

I had a call from a customer wanting 2 bedrooms, hall, stairs and landing carpets cleaned in the village of Thorney near Peterborough.

The carpets that needed cleaning were woolen, one carpet was white and the others were a golden sandy beige colour. A white carpet can be difficult as over time the dirt can grey the colour and it can be a challenge to get the whiteness back.

Thorney carpet cleaning

When I arrive at any job (after introductions) the first thing is to unload the carpet cleaning equipment. To be able to provide that high level cleaning to a professional standard you need the right equipment.

carpet being cleaned in thorney

Our professional carpet machine is quite heavy but you need a machine this size in order to produce enough heat and suction power to remove dirt from deep down in the fibres.

Along with the machine I unloaded the air blower, carpet wand, stair tool, hoses and specialist stain removers. A large towel goes down at the entrance of the property to prevent transfer of dirt into the house.

Carpet Evaluation

A closer inspection of the carpet identified distinct staining and browning on the heavily foot trafficked areas. Additionally as with most carpets there were draught marks along the edge of the skirting boards.

Initial Clean and Prespray

The first job is to go round and vacuum up any dry visible surface dirt including round the edges of the skirting board.

Next is the carpet prespray. This is a solution I use to loosen the dirt in the fibres as over time dirt can become trampled into the fibres. The prespray is used a room at a time as it is essential it is not left to dry too much.

Hot Water Clean and extraction

To clean a carpet properly you need to invest in a specialist professional carpet cleaning machine that has the power to remove dirt and odours from deep down in the pile and not just make the surface look clean.

Before I get started the air mover is set up in the room so as to reduce carpet drying times as most customers want to get back to using the room as soon as possible.

The carpet gets the hot water extraction treatment with a rinse agent that will leave the carpet in a pH neutral state.

The treatment we at Peterborough Carpet Cleaners use as standard at no extra cost provides:

Colour fastening which brightens and fixes colours
Restores the carpets neutral pH
Helps prevent browning
Kills bacterial and fungal spores
Prevents musty odours
Leaves a fresh Peach and Jasmine fragrance

We like to make a point of the professional carpet treatment that we offer and believe it is the best on offer in Peterborough.

Job Complete with Nice Clean Carpets

finished cleaned carpet for Thorney customer

After the carpets are treated and cleaned all of the equipment is packed away whilst the air mover continues to dry the carpet.

Once the job is complete the customer was left with clean white wool carpets that will resist resoiling and so need a professional carpet treatment less often.

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