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Taking Care Of Your Carpet

Your carpet often gets overlooked because it often looks cleaner than it actually is. With a carpet pile dirt can travel to the base of the pile and be hidden from view. Some of this debris can be broken down by bacteria and even small bugs that live in most carpets releasing smells into your room.

Regular vacuuming of your carpet will remove much of the dirt, particularly the visible dirt on the surface of the pile. Some dirt and debris will inevitably get trapped and will not be easily removed by vacuuming with a standard domestic cleaner.

Over time this debris will build up. A professional deep clean uses a combination of steam, hot water and high pressure. This gets deep down into the pile and literally washes the carpet pile and fibres. This will remove most of the dirt that has accumulated over time. Results are particularly effective in high trafficked areas where transfer from feet, pram wheels and other sources tend to build up more heavily and more quickly. This is particularly so for carpeted areas near to door entrances.

To extend the life of your carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 to 18 months depending on the type of carpet and how trafficked the carpet is. For example the carpet in the spare room will not need cleaning as regularly as the hallway or living room carpet.

The cost of getting your carpet professionally cleaned is generally based on the size of the room rather than how dirty it is. Therefore you can get better value by getting your most used rooms cleaned.

You can also save money by getting several rooms cleaned at once. You will generally get a discount when having more than one room cleaned at a time because the operator will already have the carpet cleaning machine prepped for the first room and therefore it will take less time and cost you less money.

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Peterborough carpet cleaners

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