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Rug Cleaning

Just like your carpet your rug will need regular vacuuming to keep it looking good and preventing food particles and other debris that is present in every house breaking down and producing smells.

Rugs, especially on hard floors tend to pick up more dirt, on laminate, tiles or wood floors rugs tend to act as dirt magnets and so benefit from a professional deep clean to bring the rug back to life.

Our rug cleaning service covers Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We offer a first class professional rug cleaning service either in your home or we can take rugs away and return them to you once they have been cleaned and treated.

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Professional rug cleaners

Rugs can be expensive and so you want your rug to be cleaned properly so that it lasts longer, looks and smells better for longer. When I get a call at Peterborough Carpet Cleaners from a customer wanting their rug professionally cleaned I often find explaining a bit about the process helps the customer to understand why a professional clean is much more effective than just vacuuming or hiring a domestic wet cleaner and doing the job yourself.

With some rugs it is better that we take them away to clean them as it means that the rug can be cleaned, dried and aired. We do however have a rug length limit of 2 metres (about 6 and a half feet) so larger rugs will need to be cleaned in situ. I prefer to be able to take away the rugs so that time can be left between the cleaning processes.

For many types of rug it means a better result for the customer, however I understand that not everyone wants to be without their rug for a couple of days.

Most people will be surprised at what effort goes into cleaning a rug, most people presume it is just a case of wet vacuuming and leaving it to dry. In fact there are quite a few steps that have to be done in a certain order to ensure that the customers rug gets the best treatment.

Cleaning deep pile rugs

rug cleaning tips

The first step is to dry vacuum the rug, we use a high pressure machine that can remove dust, grit and dirt from deep down in the rug. Doing this step first greatly increases the effectiveness of the wet clean and effectiveness of the cleaning agents.

One step I never miss is making sure a colour test is done on those rugs that need it. Although with experience I can usually tell what treatment a rug will need a colour test always confirms my initial hunch. This means that the right cleaning agents are being used on the right type of rug.

Unfortunately there have been a number of occasions where I have been called out because a customer's rug has been cleaned with the wrong type of product or machine and I have been asked whether I can put this right.

I use a pre spray in order to help loosen any difficult dirt and stains, the rug needs to be carefully agitated in order for the pre spray to be most effective. It is essential that you are careful with many types of rug as they can be damaged if you are too rough with them. We have a number of carpet cleaning tips that will also work in getting tough stains out of rugs.

When it comes to the washing stage I use a specialist high pressure machine, this means that I can set the right pressure for the specific rug and ensure I am washing the dirt from deep in the pile and getting as much of the moisture out as possible. I use the turbo dry where possible, especially if the rug is going to be used soon after it has been cleaned to leave it much dryer.

Having a drier rug means that there will not be a chance for the water to leave a damp smell. Very soiled rugs can leave a wet dog type of odour as the built up dirt is released, the odour neutralising process we do on carpets and rugs removes this type of smell.

the finished rug after Len from Peterborough Carpet Cleaners has completed the final treatment

Sometimes we will take the rug away to be cleaned, this is often more convenient for the customer if they are unable to wait around whilst the cleaning is done. It is also more convenient if the rug needs to be washed twice, we find that you get better results if for example the rug is used by pets at home.

Being able to take away the rug means that more time can be left for the rug to dry and air between treatments. Your rug is usually returned within a couple of days, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to return it.

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