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Removing Chewing Gum From Carpets

Removing chewing gum from a carpet can be problematic to say the least. You don't really want to have to cut it out otherwise you are going to have a noticeable gap in your carpet.

It's not a quick job but chewing gum can be removed from carpets without damaging the carpet.

As a professional carpet cleaning company we have access to a whole range of cleaning products that are specifically designed for removing specific dirt and stains from carpets. There is a difference between dirt and stains that can be removed and permanent bleaching and damage to the pile fabric.

removing chewing gum form carpets

For the removal of chewing gum we first use chewing gum remover treatment and then break up the gum with a perforator block.

A citrus gel would then be applied and left for a short time to act on the gum. It would then be a case of manually removing the gum with a spatula tool.

There is lots of advice online on how to remove stains like gum from carpets, some of which can end up damaging your carpet further and still not fix the problem.

Once you have damaged your carpet by either accidentally bleaching it or mechanically damaging the pile then that cannot be fixed.

If there is a much larger area to treat then doing it manually would not be possible. In these cases the bazooka gum remover and a special bazooka gum removal machine can be used.

This sort of treatment is only usually required on commercial flooring rather than domestic flooring.

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