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Peterborough Carpet Cleaners Stain Removal Guide

There are numerous types of stain that you can get on furniture or carpets. Some stains you can remove yourself as long as you get to them quite quickly before they dry. Other stains are more difficult to remove and without the proper products and technique you can end up making the stains worse.

At Peterborough Carpet Cleaners we come across all types of stain, most of which can be removed. Some stains can be removed but there may be a residual amount left on fabric or carpets as they have dyed the fibre itself. Some types of stain if left a long time will not be removable.

No-one can guarantee to remove a hundred percent of stains, for example if you spill furniture stain on the carpet or your sofa fabric it is more or less impossible to remove. Even common stains can often leave permanent marks such as tea or coffee.

The following list is an example of some of the types of stain that we can attempt to remove. The list is not exhaustive and there are never any guarantees but we will always try our best to get your carpet or sofa looking it's best again.

Food based stains

✔  Alcohol
✔  Butter or Margarine
✔  Chewing Gum
✔  Chocolate
✔  Coffee and Tea
✔  Cough Syrup
✔  Food Colouring
✔  Fruit Juice
✔  Gravy
✔  Ice Cream
✔  Jam
✔  Ketchup
✔  Milk
✔  Mustard
✔  Raw Eggs
✔  Wine

Other types of stain

✔  Ballpoint Pen Ink
✔  Blood
✔  Browning
✔  Candle Wax
✔  Cement Glue
✔  Crayons
✔  Draught Marks
✔  Furniture Stain
✔  Grass
✔  Grease
✔  Lily Pollen
✔  Lipstick
✔  Mildew
✔  Mud
✔  Nail Polish
✔  Oils
✔  Oil Based Paints
✔  Rust
✔  Shoe Polish
✔  Soot
✔  Tar and Asphalt
✔  Toothpaste
✔  Urine
✔  Vomit
✔  Water Based Glue
✔  Water Based Paint
✔  Yellowing

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