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“Hi Lenny - I popped around to the house yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks for the carpets! They looked great and am very happy and impressed with the work you did!.”

End of Tenancy Carpet Clean in Hampton

I often get called by estate agents to do rental end of tenancy cleans and this particular call was for a whole house property clean in Hampton, Peterborough.

After an initial assessment there was a significant oily residue or greasy substance on part of the carpet. The stain may have been there a while so I'd need to use a specialist detergent and degreaser to loosen the stain.

It is important to identify the type of stain and use the correct solution to not only make sure that the stain is removed but also prevent damage and protect the carpet.

Peterborough Carpet Cleaners are one of the few professional carpet cleaners that use specialist detergent and cleansers rather than general cleaning agents or nothing at all.

Without the proper treatment stains often reappear and carpet resoil at a faster rate meaning they need cleaning far more frequently. Often costing the customer more in the long run.

Post Tenancy Clean

Having been to many end of tenancy cleaning jobs in Peterborough over the years you get an idea of the requirements of the customer. End-of-tenancy cleans need to be done to a high standard in order for the tenant to have their deposit returned.

We always provide the best possible carpet cleaning service so a professional result is standard for all our customers. However in order to attain a high level of quality finish our equipment needs to be professional grade.

All too often customer are tempted by lower prices not realising that they are not getting the same level of clean.

Have you ever tried cleaning with lukewarm water compared to hot water? The high heat output of our machines means that a high enough temperature is reached to not only get a deep down clean but to dissolve, flush out and remove dirt from the carpet without damaging the fibres.

High powered carpet cleaning machines have the power to lift out the dirt.

We are used as an end of Tenancy Cleaner for many of Peterborough's Estate Agents and rental companies because of the professional finish we are able to attain due to our expertise and professional grade cleaning equipment.

A carpet may appear clean on the surface but will not get deep down clean unless the water reaches the correct temperature.

As you can see from the before and after pictures the stains were completely removed.

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Peterborough carpet cleaners

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