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Coffee And Tea Stains

From time to time everyone spills hot drinks. It's not too bad if you spill onto a hard floor as it can be cleaned up quite easily. It is not so easy to clean up a tea or coffee spillage on carpets or furniture fabric as these materials absorb the spill.

coffee and tea stains on carpetWe often get called out to clean carpets or sofas that have been stained with coffee, tea or some other type of liquid. You may have attempted to clean up a recent spillage or you may not have realised until much later that a drink has been spilt. On some patterned or coloured surfaces it can often be difficult to spot a small stain immediately.

There is a specific process and specific products that are designed to remove different types of stain. When cleaning carpets we often spot stains the customer hasn't realised that were there. The method we use is to spot treat the areas as we come across them. Sometimes a customer will point out specific stains they want us to attempt to remove.

With tea and coffee it is not always possible to completely remove the stains as tea and coffee stains can be permanent. When we find an identifiable coffee or tea stain we use several products depending on the area to be treated. We will usually use Stain Pro first and then a fibre and fabric rinse. We may then try a specific coffee stain remover and blot the area.

We may then go on to use Red Rx and for difficult stains a mixture of Oxibrite, Fibrebuff and a Fibre shampoo. You'd be surprised how many specialist cleaning products there are and it is usually impractical for most homes to have all these types of product in their cupboards, many of which are only commercially available.

When removing stains like tea or indeed coffee it is not just the product but the experience to know when and where to use certain products and cleaning methods, getting it wrong can make the stain worse so experience and knowledge is essential.

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