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Cleaning Carpets And A Sofa In Farcet

I had a call from a Lady in Farcet which is a small village just on the outskirts of Peterborough on the way to Yaxley. She explained that she was disabled which made her a bit unsteady on her feet and hence tea, coffee and other drinks tend to get spilt on the sofa and carpet more often than not.

When I arrived she had a friend visiting but I explained that it was not a problem as I'd be able to work round them doing a room at a time. I started off with the sofa which was fabric which as the customer had explained previously had a lot of stains from spilt drinks.

For tea and coffee stains I would need to use stain pro first which is a water and solvent based protein spotter. It's good at getting out most food based stains. I always tell people however there are no guarantees as some long established tea and coffee stains can be permanent.

Pre-testing the sofa before stain treating

Having been using specialist cleaning products for many years I know that pre-testing is essential. Even though the products have been developed, tested, used and improved over many years you never can tell if one the ingredients will react with something in the fabric. A discreet test on a non-visible part of the fabric shows no reaction so I spot clean the stains.

Cleaning the sofa fabric

Next up is the fabric cleaning, again the fabric cleaner is tested before I go ahead and clean the sofa. There are so many specialist cleaning products we can call upon these days, each designed for different types of stain and for different fabrics and surfaces. Using the right product for the job means a greater chance of completely removing the stain or discolouration. Using the wrong product or not using a product at all can mean that the stain is made worse, the carpet of furniture is damaged or the stain reappears after the fabric dries. Having my past experience to rely on means that I can use the right product and cleaning method for the job.

Once cleaned the sofa needs to be rinsed with a fabric and fibre rinse to leave the fabric clean, fresh and with a neutral pH balance. The rinse removes any acid leaving the fabric in a neutral pH. It stabilises the colouring in the fabric and prevents browning. It is a safe product that can even be used on wool based fabric and carpet.

Using the turbo dryer for faster drying times

The carpet cleaning machine I use is a portable rather than a truck mounted one. I prefer the portable as means you don't have to have the piping running through the house and having to leave the front door open which obviously get the cold in during winter and can be a security risk.

With a portable machine everything can be done from inside the home. Although it is portable I use one of the latest machine which is very powerful and so gets the dirt up from deep in the pile and also has a much better drying time with the turbo dryer. This meant I left the sofa much dryer than it otherwise would have been with the older less powerful machines.

After I had finished vacuuming the sofa I turned to the carpet. For the carpet I vacuumed and cleaned as I went along and done any spot stain treatments as needed. As with the sofa the carpet was left a lot cleaner and a lot drier.

The final result

I was quite pleased with how the carpet and sofa come up as was the customer. There were a lot of stains, at least more than I usually encounter on a single carpet or sofa. On this occasion I was able to get all the stains out and the carpet and sofa were now looking a lot brighter and cleaner. The products I use mean that as well as leaving the carpet pile and fabric in a neutral pH state they also leave a fresh orange or citrus smell. Another great job for Peterborough Carpet Cleaners.

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