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We've been cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstery in and around Peterborough since 2011. We take great pride in doing a great job for our customers and always strive to do our best to get the carpets as clean as they can possibly can be.

professional rug cleaning

We offer a professional rug cleaning service and can professionally clean most rugs to not only clean and remove stains but also bring back the colour by removing deeply embedded dirt that could be fading the colour of your rug.

cord bedroom carpet

Bedroom carpets can benefit from a professional carpet clean to remove and reduce stains and prolong the life of your carpet.

light colour carpet in progress

In progress, cleaning a light coloured room carpet. As you can see from the picture the carpet is coming up a lot lighter as over time the dirt darkens the carpet fibres.

upholstery tool removing stains

With the correct specialist cleaning tools and cleaning products many of the marks and stains on upholstery fabrics can be removed. Our trained operatives know which specialist products to use to remove stains from your sofa and soft furnishings and get them looking like new.

before and after living room carpet

Living room carpets tend to accumulate dirt quicker as they tend to be higher foot traffic areas where there is a lot of transfer of dirt and grime transferred onto and then trodden into the carpet. You need a high power, high temperature treatment to get you carpet looking like it used to.

before and after bedroom carpet

Bedroom carpets can trap a lot of dirt next to desks or beds as these are high traffic areas. A professional carpet clean of your bedrooms can remove that dirt that has build up and bring new life to your carpets.

restore carpet colour

You will notice that as your carpet gets dirty it changes colour. This discolouration is caused by staining and dirt being trodden into the carpet fibres often making the carpet a darket shade and dependning on the colour of your carpet, discolouration. It's more noticeable on lighter colour carpeting but a professional carpet clean can restore your carpet to its original colour and shade.

carpet in front of armchair

Your carpet can discolour especially in high foot traffic areas. With the right equipment and knowhow most stains and discolouring can be fixed at a relatively low cost and extendning the life of your carpet.

before and after carpet clean in dining room

We love when customers tell us thing like 'The carpets look like new'. You'd be suprised how much dirt our our professional machines can lift from your carpet to not only clean it deep down but brighten the fibres and make it look new.

carpet tiles cleaned before after

Carpet tiles are common in offices and businesses but can also be used in the home. A close up image of these carpet tiles part way through providing a professional carpet clean shows how much dirt a professional high powered hot water extraction system can remove from carpeting.

grey carpet brought back to life

Over time the carpet colour can appear faded when stains and dirt build up and become more noticeable. As this can happen slowly you don't often notice until you get the carpet professionally cleaned.

light grey carpet cleaned before after

Carpets are designed to trap dirt so over time they become caked in dirt. It happens slowly over time so you often won't notice the colour change. It's only when you get a professionally cleaned carpet using high powered water extraction machines can you really see the difference.

High power water extraction is the only way you can get deep down cleaning to remove the maximum amount of dirt.

heavy stair carpet staining before after

Stair carpets tend to trap a lot of dirt in these high traffic areas. Transfer of dirt and debris on footwear from outside gets trampled into the carpet over time and will lead to discolouring of the top layer of your carpet as well as debris being trapped in the fibres.

Our high power hot water extraction machines with specialised stair tools are able to lift and rinse out any dirt trapped in the carpet and with the correct cleaning agents clean and refresh your carpets. It's hard work but the results speak for themselves.

striped carpet before and after cleaning

General daily usage will darken your carpets as they accumulate dirt from foot traffic, pets and dust and dander that gets deposited from the air. Carpets are designed to capture dirt and regular carpet cleaning can help to maintain your carpet but it will not remove dirt and grime that has been trodden into the pile, the dirt trapped deep down in the pile and daily stains and spills.

heavy staining on grey carpet

As you can see from this grey speckled carpet, you can't really tell how much dirt your carpet has trapped until it gets professionally cleaned. Our high powered hot water extraction system is the only type of system that can remove the maximum amount of soiling from your carpet.

Medical facilities will request a hot water extraction system for this reason as they know it will remove the dirt. Bacteria, virus particles, pollen, dander and anything else trapped deep down in the carpet.

grey rug cleaning

We get a lot of requests to clean rugs. You have to be careful when undertaking any rug cleaning and take into account the type of rug that needs to be cleaned and the surface the rug sits on. Not using the correct cleaning process can lead to transfer of damp to the underlying surface, color run or ending up with and over wet rug that takes too long to dry and ends up smelling.

We make sure our customers end up with a clean and neutral smelling rug.

dining room carpet cleaned

The above picture shows the dining room after a full house end of tenancy carpet clean.

As a carpet cleaner in Peterborough we provide end of tenancy carpet cleans in addition to carpet cleaning, stain removal, rug and upholstery cleaning.

We are able to provide an affordable and efficient end of tenancy carpet cleaning service providing an invoice for you to pass on to your landlord or letting agent as proof that you have engaged a professional cleaning service.

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