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When you are looking for a carpet cleaning service you may think about a number of different things before choosing the best carpet cleaner for the job.

You may be focussed on price, how much is carpet cleaning going to cost and are you going to get good value for money? Your biggest concern may be trust and safety or whether the carpet cleaner can do a good proper job of cleaning your carpet.

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At Peterborough Carpet Cleaners we have been providing a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Peterborough and the surrounding area since 2012. We've had great feedback from our customers pleased with the excellent level of service we provide.

We are one of the top 3 rated carpet cleaning services in Peterborough as rated on the Three Best Rated website. Our long service record in the industry and sparkling customer reviews since 2012 is due to our consistent level of professionalism and providing a superior cleaning service.

We get calls from both existing and new customers. Our existing customers come back to us because they trust us to do a professional deep clean at a reasonable price as they know we don't cut corners or push for extras on top, commonly referred to as bait and switch tactics used by some of the less reputable cleaning services.

Our new customers often come to us from referrals or because of our history of positive customer feedback. They've often been impressed with recommendations from neighbours, friends and relatives talking about our level of service, our friendly and polite manner and witnessed the hard work we put into doing the best job possible of getting our customers carpets, rugs and upholstery as clean as possible.

“Superb work. Punctual, efficient, tidy, great work, and a lovely chap too! Thank you.”

How clean can we get your carpet?

Steam and hot water under pressure is the only way to remove dirt and debris from your carpet and furnishings effectively. Dry carpet cleaning, standard vacuuming, wet and dry household cleaners and hiring a Rug Doctor will not clean your carpets to the same level as a professional carpet cleaner with professional grade cleaning equipment.

As well as providing a soft, warm welcome underfoot your carpet also acts a magnet for dirt. Carpets are useful in the way they hold onto dirt rather than most of it being reintroduced back into the air as you walk over it.

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However, over time as the dirt builds up more and more of the fine particles trapped by the carpet are reintroduced into the air reducing the indoor air quality. Hence the reason for regularly vacuuming your carpet. Vacuuming will remove much of the dirt, debris, pollen, hair and other types of detritus from the surface of the carpet.

Household vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to remove deep down dirt and they cannot remove stains.

Professional carpet cleaning machines using hot water and steam under pressure and a high powered vacuum suction produce the best results.

A typical carpet contains roughly 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Professional level carpet cleaners can remove bacteria from your carpet. A carpet can hold a pound of dirt (food, pet dander, dead skin, dust, pollen etc) for every yard of carpet. High powered carpet cleaning machines are effective at removing this dirt from deep in the pile.

The Norovirus can survive in your carpet for 12 days even if you regularly vacuum it. Our high powered carpet cleaners produce steam and hot water at a high enough temperature (about 70 degrees celsius) to kill the virus.

“First class, completely happy and satisfied with all aspects of the cleaning.”

Can you remove stains?

Most stains can be removed or at least faded so they are not as visible. Not all stains can be removed, once bleach gets into the carpet fibre the bleach removes the colour and this cannot be undone.

As a rule the sooner a stain is treated the better the chances of it being completely removed. You need to use the correct cleaning agents for specific stains, using the wrong one can make it worse. We offer a stain removal service and to date have had about a 95% removal success rate.

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