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“We cannot believe how wonderfully clean and fluffy Lenny has made the carpets. We are over the moon with the results and will be using Lenny again in the future.”

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Professional Carpet Cleaning, Peterborough

At Peterborough Carpet Cleaners we pride ourselves on offering an outstanding service from the initial contact through to completion of the job.

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We've been providing professional carpet cleaning services in Peterborough since 2012. We are proud of the comments and positive feedback we receive from our customers because of our excellent service and fantastic results.

We are a small local carpet cleaning business and pride ourselves on providing a highly professional and trusted service to our customers. One of the main reasons our customers keep on coming back to us is due to the high level of quality and friendliness.

Take a look at our customer reviews to see why our customers trust us to provide the best carpet cleaning service in Peterborough.

Carpet Cleaning

The latest professional high pressure machine combining water, steam and the appropriate cleaning chemicals ensure carpets are thoroughly clean, removing stains where possible.

A high power turbo drier ensures carpets are left only slightly damp and ready to walk on within a very short period of time leaving your carpet smelling fresh and no wet dog smells.

Your carpets will benefit from our Peterborough based fully comprehensive professional carpet cleaning service.

This is what you get as standard at no extra cost.

Professional grade cleaning machine
High temperature deep clean
Removes the cause of smells and odours rather than masking it
Destroys bacteria and fungal spores
Prevents musty odours
Helps prevent carpet browning
Fix and brighten colours
Leaves citrus fresh smell

Deep Carpet Clean

The only way you can get a proper deep down clean where the dirt is physically removed from the base of the carpet fibres is to use a specialist machine powerful enough to clean properly.

Without the right kind of cleaning machinery only the surface of the carpet will be cleaned leaving dirt and residue behind. Essentially looking good on the surface but the dirt further down will quickly lead to faster surface resoiling.

You also need to use the correct formulation for the stain and carpet type. Using the wrong type or none at all will mean the stain will not be successfully removed or the carpet can become damaged.

professional rug cleaning

Stair Carpet Cleaning - Stair carpets can become dirty quickly as dirt is taken upstairs on the soles of feet, shoes and slippers.

Cleaning stair carpets requires the use of a specialist hand tool using the correct technique otherwise dirt is transferred to the roll edge making the carpet look marked and dirty.

Heavy Foot Traffic Areas - The areas that tend to get walked on most are the areas that show the dirt and wear the soonest.

Areas of heavy foot traffic can benefit from a professional carpet clean as this is where you will see the biggest improvement.

before and after living room carpet

Upholstery Cleaning - Using the same high pressure machine but with an appropriate hand tool, all types of fabric upholstery can be cleaned with outstanding results.

Specialist cleaners are used to clean furniture and pre-testing is always carried out to ensure delicate fabric is not damaged and/or colours don't run.

customer fabric chair cleaned, before and after

Drying time is generally a minimum of an hour.

Peterborough Carpet Cleaners
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Peterborough carpet cleaners

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Peterborough carpet cleaners
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